Honouring the Earth

Paganlink has a multi-denominational approach—there are many different paths and belief systems which Pagans follow—we felt it was inappropriate to phrase our brief in theological terms which would inevitably exclude some Pagan paths. This simple statement is intended to pinpoint the central essence shared by them all, which takes many forms and has many names.

Pagans often commit themselves to a respectful relationship with the Earth and all that is of the Earth. This includes the land, plants, animals, human beings and spirits. Day to day life is approached in a way which takes all these into account. It influences choices made—what is bought or thrown away; how people around us and the sacred places we visit are treated. In this respect, Pagan paths are ways of life, not religions as such. Still, there are many Pagan religious traditions and individual spiritual paths.

Yet Paganism is more than simply being green. Pagans celebrate the spirit of the Earth. Celebration takes on many different forms, from an individual offering to a tree spirit to a huge festival ritual with hundreds of people—and everything in between. Celebration is a creative expression of our shared spirit, which cannot be shown in purely intellectual, prosaic terms. Feeling the spirit and expressing it through celebration is part of being Pagan on both an individual and group basis. Paganlink encourages Pagans of all kinds to celebrate our spirit in all the forms it takes.