Paganlink was started to make Paganism more accessible to those seeking an earth-centred spiritual path but not involved in a closed working group. Up until recently Paganism operated largely through closed groups which have not been very accessible and which follow particular traditions and approaches. These may not have been the right ones for those who came into contact with them.

In the few decades, a great increase in Green and 'New Age' awareness has lead many people to seek others who feel the same way, to find a path enabling them to spiritually connect to the Earth and to develop understanding of how to work with the natural energies of the Earth.

Paganlink promotes opportunities for people who seek to meet other Pagans; find out more about different Pagan paths; share in Pagan celebrations or choose the path that is right for them. Paganlink encourages people to set up open groups and events around the country to faciltate this, and provides resources to help.