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Doreen Valiente, The Mother of Modern Witchcraft - The unpublished poems of the late Doreen Valiente, the Mother of Modern Witchcraft. Her last wish fulfilled in her new book Charge of the Goddess. (Added: 12-Jan-2001 Hits: 137 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

Elysian New Age Books - A "large range [of] personally selected new age and spiritual books on topics including astrology, paganism, wicca, alternative health, divination and self-help. Regular reviews and monthly changing new age and esoteric features." (Added: 27-Dec-2000 Hits: 104 Rating: 9.00 Votes: 1) Rate It

Enigma Personal Development and Spiritual Counselling - Offers psychic readings such as spiritual counselling, tarot, rune and chakra readings and weekly updated feature articles on new age and spiritual themes. An affiliated bookstore offers personally recommended metaphysical books. Based in Switzerland. (Added: 12-Jan-2001 Hits: 229 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

Faulksbooks - UK supplier of rare spiritual books, including the works of Franz Bardon. (Added: 19-May-2001 Hits: 98 Rating: 9.00 Votes: 2) Rate It

Findhorn Press - "Publisher of books of spiritual inspiration, healing, guidance, nature and transformation". (Added: 27-Dec-2000 Hits: 63 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

Flying Witch Publications - Created to bring a new dimension to the world of religious, spiritual and magical publishing. Tired of seeing the same material re-hashed by various people, we deliberately aim to find new material by new authors on new subjects. This means that as a publisher, we bring out only a few new titles each year and specialise in certain aspects of the spiritual, religious and magical genre. (Added: 13-Feb-2002 Hits: 101 Rating: 6.00 Votes: 1) Rate It

Gaia Books - Books on natural health, mind, body and spirit as well as personal and planetary ecology. (Added: 27-Dec-2000 Hits: 50 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

Green Magic Publishing - We are an independent publshing house based in Glastonbury, England. We specialise in publishing books on magic, Wicca, sacred landscape and spirituality from the heart of Avalon. Visit our website to see our titles and for contact details. (Added: 28-Apr-2003 Hits: 28 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1) Rate It

Green Man Gallery and Bookshop - "A complete emporium for countryside lovers, folklore enthusiasts and followers of the esoteric everywhere. We have brought together books, art and crafts from all over Britain to provide a unique selection of items of interest to all who revel in the beauty of nature, who revere the Earth as sacred and who are drawn to the spiritual in the natural world." Based in Eastbourne, Sussex. (Added: 9-Aug-2000 Hits: 575 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

Greensleeves Books - An independent family run bookservice specialising in out of print and secondhand books on Mind Body Spirit subjects. (Added: 8-Dec-2000 Hits: 86 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

Grey House in the Woods - A publisher of books by Druids for Druids and others interested in native Celtic spirituality. (Added: 8-Aug-2001 Hits: 153 Rating: 6.50 Votes: 2) Rate It

Hagalaz - Mostly herbalism & herbal folklore, with an interest in runes and a craft shop. (Added: 11-Mar-2003 Hits: 114 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

Heart of Albion Press - A wide range of book, booklets and disc-based publications on local history and folklore. (Added: 17-Jun-2000 Hits: 51 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

helios fountain - Shop at the east end of Edinburgh's Grassmarket, selling gifts, crafts, toys, new age and anthrospohical books and beads. (Added: 15-Dec-2001 Hits: 441 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

High Magic - Talismans, books and seminars on High Magick and Chi Kung. Based in Croatia. (Added: 9-Aug-2000 Hits: 155 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

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