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IsraWicca - Isareli Wiccan/ Pagan eGroup. "Our causes: *Creating a contact list for all the Wiccans/Pagans in Israel. * Creating study groups. * Building a proud healthy community.* Promoting our path. May the Goddess and God guide your path." (Added: 16-Jan-2001 Hits: 112 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

IsraWicca Study Group - If you want to study more about Wicca or study somthing about Wicca or just hang around with wierdoes like yourself... this eGroup is the place. (Added: 16-Jan-2001 Hits: 98 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

TeenIsraWicca - eGroup for teenagers from Israel who wanna know more about Wicca or Wiccans who wanna chat with more Wiccans their age! (Added: 16-Jan-2001 Hits: 84 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

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