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Kastrolog is a KDE port of Astrolog, Walter D. Pullen's famous, powerful and free astrology software. It can, for a given time and place, compute the planets and stars positions, display the corresponding astrological chart and print it. Kastrolog can also compute the transits and progressions relatively to the natal chart, compare two charts or more, make an astro-synastry chart, display a chart mid-points, sort the aspects by influence, animate a chart, etc...

In addition to the classical Astrolog features described above, kastrolog includes the following improvements :


Kastrolog has been specifically developed for KDE. KDE is a powerful, popular and free desktop for UNIX like operating systems, like Linux or FreeBSD. It has only been tested on Linux.

The kas2latex utility requires a Perl 5.005 and a Tex package containing Latex and the wasy font, such as the Tetex package. Kas2latex only works in English and for the legal paper size.


A whole team, including Christophe Gros, Walter D. Pullen, James Neely, Brian D. Willoughby, Alois Trendl and Valentin Abramov.


Kastrolog is under GPL licence for the KDE port part. (C++ sources, includes, extra doc, etc ...) The original astrolog software is under free licence as in the readme.540 file.

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