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The knotwork designs with "conbelin" filenames are inspired by the designs on the Great Wheel Cross of Conbelin at Margam Abbey, in what used to be Glamorganshire in Wales. This type of circled cross monument, popularly called the "Celtic cross" is found only in Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man.

The panels on the original cross are as follows:

conbelin-01: the upper arm
conbelin-02: between the central panel and the upper arm
conbelin-03: between the central panel and the left arm
conbelin-04: the right arm
conbelin-05: the central panel, rotated 90° anti-clockwise
conbelin-06: the left arm
conbelin-07: between the central panel and the right arm
conbelin-08: between the central panel and the lower arm
conbelin-09: the bottom-left section of the ring
conbelin-10: the lower arm, heading down the shaft
conbelin-11: the top-left section of the ring
conbelin-12: the base of the shaft -- I have moved the knotwork panel to the centre from the left.
conbelin-13: the bottom right section of the ring, adjusted slightly.
conbelin-14: a border inspired by a panel to the right of 12.

These files are simple black-and-white bitmaps which should be friendly to most printers. They were originally issued as a package of 300 dpi TIFFs. You can download the entire collection, as TIFFs, in one go in the following formats:

The files with "durrow" names are designs from the Book of Durrow -- the filename tells you which folio they come from. There are only a couple right now, so they're not yet available as a collection. The Monifeith design is taken from a sculptured cross in Tayside, Scotland.

I don't demand a shareware fee for this art -- just mail me or send me a postcard so I can see where it's got to. If you use it in a publication, please let me know and send me a copy if possible.

My freeware fonts, icons and desktop patterns are available for download at:

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