Essex Witch

Welcome to 'Essex Witch', A local group for wiccans, witches and pagans living in the Essex area (U.K).

We're a relativly new group and new members are always welcome.
We set up this group for people who want to learn for themselves instead of being taught by a coven.
We also want to keep it as open to everyone as possible, although we ask that everyone follows our group guidelines.
The main section of the group is for over 16's for legal reasons, but we also have a teen section for under 18's.
We are not calling outselves a coven but we will practice spells/rituals/magick/pagan holidays etc as well as discussing our views and ideas with each other and meetings will generally take place in Chelsmford.
We have a mailing list on egroups for the two sections of the group.
If you're interested in joining, email either myself or Arthur, or join the relevent mailing list.

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